Bloodborne Pathogen Certification for Tattoo Artists

Bloodborne Pathogen Certification for Tattoo Artist

Many tattoo artists are a little concerned at the thought of having to take a bloodborne pathogens test in order to obtain their bloodborne pathogens certificate and become OSHA compliant.

A bloodborne pathogens test or quiz is a necessary component of any Bloodborne Pathogens certification for Tattoo Artist training program but it’s really nothing to be worried about.

Bloodborne Pathogens Tattoo Training Online

The best online bloodborne pathogens tattoo training courses will give you the option to take the bloodborne pathogens test as many times as you need.

You should check that any course that you are enrolling for has the ability to review content easily and as many times as you need to. If a course is broken down into multiple sections and lessons or topics this is a good sign it’s built using instructional design best practice.

Bloodborne Pathogens Tattoo Infections

Tattoo infections and bloodborne pathogens go hand in hand. They happen when you as an artist, or your client forget to use your heads and follow the proper precautions. Most people think that avoiding a tattoo infection is as simple as avoiding ‘lower class’ tattoo parlors, or by declining to be inked by non-professional ‘artists’.

Whilst it is essential that artists undertake OSHA bloodborne pathogens certification for tattoo artist training and local state licensing, the truth is, it’s just not that simple.